2010/01/13: pdbmmctrl-r19 released.
    Improvements list:
  • Add configuration utility "gmmctrl".
  • Better support for configuration file.

2010/01/13: pdbmmctrl-1.3 released.


Python-dbus_mmctrl aims to provide a utility to configure and use your multimedia keys under Linux. The particularity of pdbmmctrl (Python-dbus_mmctrl) is that it can operate when a fullscreen application is launched.
This program is a free software released in GPL (General Public Licence).

Configuration Utility "gmmctrl".


Python-dbus_mmctrl work with more used Linux distributions.
Actually pdbmmctrl was tested with these distributions:

- Debian: Lenny, Squeeze
- Ubuntu: Hardy (8.04), Karmic(9.10)
- Fedora: 9, 12

Notes: pdbmmctrl can work with your distribution even if it isn't in the list, in fact pdbmmctrl requires only python-dbus to work and it comes with most major Linux distributions.


- Customizing actions associated to keys via a configuration file or with a graphical utility.
- Start with the system as a daemon.
- Works with most keyboards, including laptops HP ZV6000 and HP/COMPAQ R4000.

Work in progress...

- Integration of notification / OSD.
- I want to broaden pdbmmctrl use to remotes and Game-Pads

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